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Biswas Automobiles BD - The best car service center in Dhaka providing top quality auto repair services for all vehicle types. If you are looking for the best car repair services from a premium car servicing center in Dhaka City. Then we are the best leading multi-brand car workshop for you. Entrust your prized automobile with Bangladesh’s #1 car repair shop Biswas Automobiles BD. Call +8801742700300 today.

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Biswas Automobiles BD is a leading car servicing center in Dhaka. Established in 2015, we have over 09 years of experience serving customers with all their automobile needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities and expert technicians enable us to provide trusted, reliable, and satisfactory services for vehicles of all makes and models.

As an authorized dealer and car service center in Dhaka for renowned automotive brands like BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, etc., we have extensive expertise across various vehicle segments - from small hatchbacks and sedans to luxury cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles, and more. Over the years, we have handled thousands of vehicles, building capabilities to address practically any automotive issue efficiently.

Our comprehensive service portfolio covers periodic maintenance like car wash services, oil change services, tune-up services, brake inspection services; engine and transmission services; and accident repair services - denting, painting, bodywork, windshield replacements; detailing, and more. We use high-quality spare parts and accessories for optimum performance and longevity of vehicles.

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Biswas Automobiles BD - Premium auto repair services near Dhaka City

Biswas Automobiles BD - Premium auto repair services near Dhaka City

We are committed to delivering best in class ownership experiences for our customers over the lifetime of their vehicle. Our state of the art auto repair services center is well organized across a 30,000 sq. ft area for swift services. We have the latest diagnostic tools for in-depth vehicle health checks and precision car repair services.

Our team has 100+ qualified technicians and engineers who undergo regular training programs to stay updated on ever-evolving automobile technologies. We have clear workflows for each task - right from receiving vehicles, documentation, diagnosis, repair processes to quality checks before final delivery. This ensures transparent, standardized and timely services.

We genuinely care for our customers and develop long-term relationships through consistent quality. Our customers' smiles and satisfaction motivate us to keep raising the bar on our car repair services every single day.

Industry of Automotive Care in Bangladesh

Bangladesh's automobile industry has grown robustly with rising incomes and easier financing options. Vehicle population has boomed from ~0.5 million in 2010 to ~5 million in 2023. As ownership increases, demand for automobile maintenance and repairs also amplifies proportionately.

The automotive care industry in Bangladesh comprises authorized dealerships; multi-brand workshops; roadside garages; spare parts retailers; accessories & lubricant suppliers; online aggregators and more. Market revenues are expected to cross $2 billion by 2025.

While options are aplenty, finding trusted, reliable, experienced and equipped service centers can be challenging for customers. Dealerships tend to be expensive; local garages may lack capabilities. This intensifies the need for quality players like Biswas Automobiles BD catering to automobile upkeep.

Industry of Automotive Care in Bangladesh
Evaluating Car Servicing Centers in Dhaka City

Evaluating Car Servicing Centers in Dhaka City

With mushrooming options, evaluating and selecting the right car servicing center is crucial for satisfactory outcomes. Here are key aspects to assess:

Trustworthiness: Check reputation via customer reviews and ratings. How long have they been serving in the market? Do they follow ethical practices?

Expertise: What automotive brands do they handle? How many vehicles have been serviced to date? How skilled are the technicians? Look for relevant certifications.

Technology: Do they have the latest diagnostic tools for deeper analysis? Are processes tech-enabled for efficiency? e.g. ERP software

Methodology: Is there a standard/documented procedure for each service? This ensures predictable, transparent experiences.

Parts Quality: Do they use genuine OEM parts or reliable alternatives? This impacts vehicle performance.

Customer Service: How responsive are they to inquiries? Are customers treated respectfully? After-service support is also vital.

Facilities: Are workshops organized cleanly with defined bays for each task? Sufficient equipment? Safety measures? etc.

Cost: Compare price quotes across shortlisted options. Avoid lowest bids that compromise quality. Evaluate value.

Keeping these parameters in mind while researching options will help car owners zero down on the right center.

The automotive care industry in Bangladesh comprises authorized dealerships; multi-brand workshops; roadside garages; spare parts retailers; accessories & lubricant suppliers; online aggregators and more. Market revenues are expected to cross $2 billion by 2025.

While options are aplenty, finding trusted, reliable, experienced and equipped service centers can be challenging for customers. Dealerships tend to be expensive; local garages may lack capabilities. This intensifies the need for quality players like Biswas Automobiles BD catering to automobile upkeep.

Standard Car Repair Shop in Dhaka

Biswas Automobiles BD stands out as a benchmark car repair shop in Dhaka owing to our customer-centric approach and relentless focus on quality, transparency and ethical values. Customers can expect a uniformly high standard of services on each visit.

With a well-planned layout and clearly demarcated bays, our car repair shop enables streamlined movements of vehicles right from entry to exit. Each vehicle undergoes a thorough 35+ point health check across all functions - engine, transmission, tires, electrical fittings etc.

We use the latest diagnostic tools for precise assessments rather than guesswork. Once issues are identified, we provide quotes for parts/services needed plainly without concealment. Customers can wait in our comfortable lounge with amenities.

For repairs, we rely on factory authorized parts when available. Else, we procure from reliable alternative OEM part makers only after quality verification. Our inventory also contains commonly needed accessories, lubricants etc.

Once service is completed, all details are computerized including parts changed, health check results etc. Customers can access their vehicle's service history with us at any time. We handle all documentation professionally.

With such standardized practices auguring transparency, customers can expect excellent safety, quality and ethics consistently.

Standard Car Repair Shop in Dhaka
Multi brand car Workshop in Dhaka

Multi brand car Workshop in Dhaka

When it comes to multi-brand car service workshop, Biswas Automobiles BD stands at the top for the best multi-brand workshop of its own within the Bangladesh market based on capabilities, experience and trustworthiness. We are equipped with advanced tools, technology and expertise to handle practically any vehicle faultlessly.

Unlike general mechanics focusing only on select models, we have mastered delicate technical nuances across 100+ popular models from 20+ brands including Toyota, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan and more. Our extensive hands-on exposure makes diagnostics more precise.

Whether engine overhaul, brake system repairs, electrical faults, suspension issues etc.- we undertake all repair needs expertly owing to our versatile competencies nurtured over decades of operations. We source original manufacturer parts paying attention to minor compatibility across brands, ensuring accurate fixes.

Our team undergoes rigorous in-house training as well as the latest programs from auto brands. With experience levels averaging 15+ years per technician, customers feel assured in our know-how before vehicle handover. We also provide detailed invoices post-service with complete transparency.

While our portfolio stretches across vehicle categories, our quality standards remain uniformly world-class. Treat your sedan, SUV or commercial vehicle with the personalized care it deserves - at Biswas Automobiles BD.

Top Class Auto Repair Services

Our customers count on Biswas Automobiles BD for the entire range of maintenance and auto repair services required throughout their vehicle ownership journey - right from basic oil changes to extensive accident repairs. We deliver top class solutions leveraging our rich expertise.

We have 30+ vehicle hoists/lifts enabling thorough inspections of the underbody chassis, transmission terrain and all joins. Our computerized wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tire changing stations ensure precise tuning of tire health and vehicle geometry. This maximizes ride safety & stability.

Our painting booths help restore dented/rusted panels back to pristine factory finish. We also customize painting as per owner preferences. Our denting facilities can fix back metal panels without compromise on structural integrity.

For deeper engine/transmission repairs, we boast latest bore scopes that can probe interiors without the need for dismantling various parts. Side-view cameras also aid in diagnostics. Such tools minimize teardown requirements, executing faster auto repair service.

Whether factory scheduled maintenance checks or unexpected repairs, Biswas Automobiles leads the market delivering gold standard auto repair services across the spectrum - surpassing expectations each time.

Top Class Auto Repair Services
Navigating the Roads with Confidence in Bangladesh

Navigating the Roads with Confidence in Bangladesh

Regular professional servicing as per manufacturer guidelines helps keep your prized automobile tuned for peak performance, longevity and most vitally - safety. Expert care provides assurance while navigating dense city roads or embarking on road trips.

Ignoring minor issues can cascade into major repair headaches eventually apart from safety hazards. Oil/filters changes, brake wear checks, tire condition assessment etc. on time ensures smooth functioning of all components. Expert car diagnostics services also detect problems early.

Apart from scheduled upkeep, even unexpected accident repairs require professional handiwork - especially components like windshields, alloy wheels etc. Our cutting-edge infrastructure coupled with decades of expertise makes us the go-to player for all car repair service needs across vehicle segments.

When you drive out of our service bays after assured quality checks, you feel utmost confidence taking on any terrain while enjoying ride bliss. Entrust your vehicle's care with Biswas Automobiles BD for lifelong reliability. Contact us today for the Best Car repair service in Dhaka.

Why We Are Best Car Service Center In Dhaka?

Biswas Automobiles upholds leadership as Dhaka's best multi-brand car repair service workshop based on our unparalleled quality standards, advanced infrastructure, ethical values, and passion for customer delight. These things made us the Best Car Service Center in Dhaka.

Our rich expertise and excellence across after-sales support segments is validated by strong customer loyalty over decades. Leading corporates repeatedly rely on us for entire fleet upkeep - a testimony for capabilities.

We deeply understand owner emotions attached with vehicles. Our culture of transparency and empathy combined with technical prowess consistently over-delivers on service quality. We also offer pick & drop conveniences alongside complimentary vehicle washes.

Customers enthuse how we educate them properly on vehicle health; proactively recommend steps for better safety/economy without commercial intentions only. Our social commitment also resonates strongly with patrons.

As we continue celebrating years of trust from customers, awards from auto majors, our goal is to uphold benchmarks in Bangladesh's automobile servicing industry. We aspire to touch more lives with excellence as Dhaka's best multi-brand car service center. Contact us today to schedule your first experience!

Why We Are Best Car Service Center In Dhaka?

A few words from our satisfied customers

Mowaze Mohsin

Biswas Automobiles, I heard the name from many members in the group. But this time I went there with some hybrid issues and other maintenance services. I must admit, this place as one of the best service centres in Dhaka city. They work with happy smiles and very well behaved from their security personnel to the top level management. And the service says everything itself. Highly recommend place for the people who love their cars. 

Ekramul Rifat

My highlander fully wash & polished from Biswas Automobiles. Their service was very good. Worked with expert technicians.

Tani Tazwar Isam

So much helpful service. I’m happy with their service.

Mahbub Alam

Well equipped and very good service by professionals.


Have a grate job.


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