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Best Car Dent and Paint Repair Services in Dhaka

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Get the Best Car Dent and Paint Repair Services in Dhaka

Having dents and paint damage on your car not only makes it look unsightly but can also lead to further issues like rusting. While some minor dents can be fixed at home using DIY methods, severe damage requires professional assistance.

At Biswas Automobiles, we have been providing top-quality car denting and painting solutions in Dhaka for over 10 years. Our team of skilled technicians use specialized tools and high-quality paints to restore your car's exterior to its original factory condition. We are the best Car service center in Dhaka.

Whether you drive a sedan or an SUV, our car paint and dent repair shop has got you covered. In this article, we have discussed in detail our specialized car dent paint repair in Dhaka and car painting services to let you know what to expect when you visit our workshop in Dhaka.

Our Denting Services

Denting is the process of removing various types of dents and restoring the original shape of the car's body panels using specialized tools and techniques. The extent of damage determines how much expertise, time and tools are required to fix it.

Types of Dents We Can Fix

From minor door dings to major hail damage, we expertly remove all kinds of dents from your car's body panels. Our skilled technicians use specialized dent repair tools and proven techniques to massage out metal and plastic dents while retaining factory OEM finish. Read on for details regarding the types of dents we can readily fix at our workshop.

1. Minor Dents

Minor dents are small, shallow depressions on the car's surface that haven't affected large areas or caused any pain chipping. Our technicians can easily fix such dents in less than a day using paintless car denting services. This includes massaging the metal surface from behind to pop up the dent to its original shape.

2. Medium & Large Dents

For more severe medium or large dents that have distorted bigger panels, we use advanced tools like stud welders and pullers along with hammer and dolly blocks. Our car denting services technicians anchor studs around the inflicted area to slowly pull out the metal back to shape without introducing any more damages. The process is meticulous, especially for concave dents but it restores the body lines to OEM standards.

3. Hail Damage Dents

Severe hailstorms often end up damaging car roofs, hoods, door panels and trunks with multiple small dents. As the extent can be extreme, fixing hail damage requires proper separating of each dent before using the above tools and methods to remove them. At our car dent and paint repair shop, we first map out every dent to systematically treat them and bring back the original form of your car.

4. Plastic/Composite Panel Dents

Modern cars have several plastic exterior parts like fenders, bumpers, side skirts etc. They are also prone to dents over time. Our repair technicians use heat to gently reshape superficial plastic dents on such panels. Deep distortions however are better replaced with brand new OEM parts to ensure proper fitment.

Why Choose Our Dent Repair Services?

01. Over 10 years of experience in car body repairs and car painting services

02. We service all domestic and import makes & models

03.State-of-the-art equipment like stud welders, vacuum pulls etc.

04. Highly skilled car denting services technicians doing the repairs manually

05. All work is insured and guaranteed

06. Competitive car denting and painting price with high quality

Our Paint Services

No matter how well dents are repaired, complex jobs inevitably require repaint not just for aesthetic reasons but also to prevent the exposed metal from rusting. Our workshop uses premium quality paints, specialized mixing schemes and modern spray technology to paint your car inside out flawlessly.

Types of Paint Jobs Offered

We offer extensive paint services ranging from complete repainting to spot repairs and interior touches ups. Our state-of-the-art paint mixing, modern spray equipment and manual expertise restores your car's exterior and interior aesthetics to pristine factory standards.

Full Body Paint

This involves completely repainting every exterior panel including roof, hood and trunk for a uniform finish. We disassemble lights, handles, windows etc. and prep the body before careful application of primer, basecoat and multiple clear coats topped with polish. Everything is reassembled back perfectly to pristine standards.

Spot Paint Repairs

For minor paint scratches, chips or damage in limited sections like door edges or rear quarter panels, we neatly mask surrounding areas before spot painting it. Color matching is ensured to blend with the rest of the bodywork. Clear Coat is applied on top for proper seamlessness.

Interior Painting

Our trim technicians also offer interior painting services for worn-out dashboard pieces, center console, trim sections and various panels in a matching or custom color choice. The right prep work and new paint is durable as well as aesthetic.

Why Trust Us With Your Paint Jobs?

Computerized paint mixing and matching

Paint booth offering dust-free space

Latest HVLP spray paint guns used

Long-lasting and glossy clear coat finishes

Window glass, lamps etc. removed and refitted back properly

Insured workmanship with guarantee

Car Dent and Paint Repair Conclusion

We hope the above details give you a good idea about our specialized car dent removal and professional car painting services for cars in Dhaka. With all the necessary modern tools, quality paints and veteran technicians, Biswas Automobiles aims to return your car in like-new condition.

Bring in your vehicle or arrange for pickup and drop for assessing damages. Our service advisors provide free estimates, explain all processes and also assist with insurance paperwork if applicable. For the finest car body repairs guaranteed, call us at 01711-222333 or visit our Premium Dent & Paint in Dhaka workshop today.

Car Dent and Paint Repair FAQs:

How much does it typically cost?

Costs vary based on the extent of damage and car make/model but minor dents can be fixed from as low as Tk 2000. Full car denting painting cost and car denting and painting cost jobs can cost over Tk 50,000.

Is there any effect on resale value?

Quality car dent removal without repaint barely has any impact. For freshly painted cars, the improved exterior actually helps maintain higher resale price. You can expect 70-90% returns from money spent on paint jobs.

How long does it take?

Small dents take 1-2 days while heavy car denting painting in Dhaka with paint can take 3-6 days depending on technician availability. We generally try to deliver all repair work within minimal possible downtime.

Will there be any warranty?

Yes, we provide 6 months warranty on all car denting services fixes and 1 year on paint jobs covering any issues related to workmanship or paint defects cropping up. Please maintain your car well.

Does insurance cover such repairs?

Typically only damages from covered disasters like floods, storms or fires have paint/dent repair policies. But you can enquire once from your provider regarding claim eligibility for such repairs.

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