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Best Car Computerized Diagnosis Services in Dhaka

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Computerized Engine Analysis + Computerized Suspension test + Under chassis checking

Keeping your car in good running condition is vital, especially in a busy city like Dhaka where you rely on your vehicle daily. One of the best ways to ensure your car remains in tip-top shape is through regular Computer Diagnosis and analysis. This advanced technology can detect problems early, before they become larger issues, and allows for preventative maintenance.

For the*best car computerized diagnostics services in Dhaka*, look no further than Biswas Automobiles. As an authorized service center and parts dealer for prominent manufacturers like Toyota, BMW, Chevrolet, and Isuzu, Biswas Automobiles has the latest equipment and expert technicians to handle all diagnostic and repair needs.

Diagnostic Technology for All Vehicle Models

The Computerized Car Diagnostic Center at Biswas Automobiles is compatible with all major vehicle models from manufacturers around the world. By connecting directly to your car’s onboard computer system through the OBD-II port, they can read error codes, sensor data, operations status, and more.

Advanced programs provide more in-depth analysis than simple code readers. This allows our technicians to pinpoint even intermittent issues and proactively address component failures before they leave you stranded. With a detailed vehicle health report, you’ll know precisely what’s happening under the hood.

For European brands like BMW and Mercedes, we use factory-grade manufacturer scan tools to read proprietary codes and data parameters. Our techs undergo regular specialized training to remain current on all the latest automotive technology advancements.

Range of Diagnostic Services

At Biswas Automobiles Service Center, car computerized diagnosis in dhaka assist with a wide variety of standard and more complex testing procedures, including:

Engine and transmission computer module scanning

ABS brake/wheel speed sensor operation

Supplemental restraint systems

Power window and seat motors

Climate control and HVAC functionality

Steering, suspension, and drivetrain analysis

Onboard computer and electrical fault code reading

Emissions monitoring and exhaust analysis

We also offer wireless vehicle software updating for many newer models. This allows us to install corrected maps and revised programming to fix faults and improve drivability or fuel economy.

Our expert technicians use the diagnostic findings to make sound recommendations, whether that involves simple sensor adjustments, fluid flushes or seals replacement, computer reprogramming, or major mechanical repairs if faults exist. You can trust our guidance to keep your car running safely and economically.

One-Stop Maintenance Shop

In addition to OBD diagnostics, Biswas Automobiles Service Center performs complete Car Checkup & Maintenance and urgently needed repairs on all vehicle types. Patrons appreciate the convenience of our one-stop shop offering the latest technology paired with sincere mechanical service across all makes and models.

Factory scheduled maintenance requires specialized knowledge and programming tools specific to each vehicle brand. As an authorized dealer for prominent manufacturers, we follow strict protocols with high-quality parts to keep your warranty intact. Our comprehensive service menu includes:

Oil changes and filter service

Engine, cabin, and AC filter replacement

Tire rotation and balancing

Brake pad and rotor inspections

Steering and suspension component checks

Coolant flushes and glycol refills

Transmission, power steering, and brake fluid exchanges

Sophisticated wheel alignments

Engine tuning and carbon cleaning

Air conditioning evacuation and recharge

Much more!

With our advanced diagnostic capabilities combined with complete mechanical service, you can rely on Biswas Automobiles Service Center as your car care experts in Dhaka. We have an outstanding success rate for identifying and repairing even the most perplexing drivability and performance issues.

Factory Trained Experts You Can Trust

The aseptically dressed technicians at Biswas Automobiles Service Center receive ongoing training through manufacturers’ advanced camps and seminars. Combined with their accumulated years of experience, they have the expertise to handle all diagnostic procedures and repair recommendations for even the most complex vehicle issues.

We pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class car computer diagnostics paired with sincere suggestions and transparent estimates. Our loyalty program also rewards repeat customers, while first-timers find our welcoming staff happy to answer all questions in plain language.

As an authorized dealer, we use only genuine OEM parts with factory seals to guarantee fit and function. This protects your existing warranties while giving peace of mind our workmanship comes fully guaranteed. Compare our customer service focused approach to less qualified general repair garages using flaky aftermarket components.

Take advantage of Biswas Automobiles state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities today. We welcome single-service diagnostics appointments in addition to pairing OBD computer scans with factory scheduled or repair-based maintenance. Our cost-conscious packages help optimize your vehicle’s operation while suiting all budgets.

Contact Us for Superior Car Health Diagnostics

Don’t leave your car’s check engine light glowing with uncertainty! Biswas Automobiles is Dhaka’s most sophisticated computerized Auto Diagnostic Center to pinpoint problems early and accurately using industry-leading software specific to your vehicle make and model. Combined with our complete maintenance and mechanical repair services, you get a one-stop shop able to handle all your vehicle’s health testing and repair needs expertly.

Reach out today online at or stop by our Best car service center facility. Our professional customer service staff looks forward to scheduling your appointment at your earliest convenience. For superior vehicle computer diagnostics you can count on, choose Biswas Automobiles Service Center.


What is your Computer Diagnosis cost?

Our Computer Diagnosis cost ranges from 2,000BDT for a basic OBDII scan up to 5,000BDT for a more complex multi-system diagnostic.

What is the price for a Car Computerised Diagnosis cost?

Our typical Car Computerised Diagnosis cost is 4,000BDT which includes a complete vehicle health check extracting data parameters from all major systems to pinpoint any issues accurately.

What types of vehicles do you service?

We service all makes and models of cars, SUVs, light trucks imported and domestic.

Do you have experience with European vehicles?

Yes, we use factory tools for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Land Rover, and other European brands.

Are your technicians certified?

Our techs hold ASE, Bosch, AC Delco, Mahindra First Choice and other advanced certifications.

Do you offer maintenance services too?

Yes, we perform factory scheduled maintenance using strict protocols and OEM parts.

What diagnostic services do you offer?

We do OBD II computer scans, advanced system testing, error code reading, emissions monitoring, recalibrations and more.

Do I need an appointment for diagnostics?

Appointments are best but walk-ins accepted based on availability.

Can you diagnose complex electrical issues?

Absolutely, we have the tools and experience to accurately pinpoint even intermittent gremlins.

Do you guarantee your work?

Our workmanship and parts come fully guaranteed for 1yr/12,000km.

Why choose Biswas over other shops?

We invest heavily in the best diagnostic techs and tools resulting in accurate troubleshooting saving customers time and money.

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