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Your Hybrid Car Service Specialists in Dhaka

At Biswas Automobiles, we exclusively specialize in Hybrid Car Service in Dhaka for over a decade. Our expert technicians have received training on complex hybrid systems with diagnostic capabilities. We are equipped to expertly service Toyota, Honda, Lexus and all other hybrid models. From periodic Hybrid Car Services to major repairs, we provide a full spectrum of services tailored to your exact hybrid's needs while following factory protocols. Our systematic processes coupled with OEM parts ensure your hybrid operates reliably for years ahead. Dhaka hybrid owners rate us 5-stars for our competence, attention to detail and service. To experience the best car servicing difference for your high-tech hybrid, contact us today.

Introduction to Hybrid Technology

Hybrid cars have become increasingly popular in Bangladesh due to their improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. A hybrid combines a gasoline engine with an electric motor and battery. Sophisticated software seamlessly blends output from both propulsion sources for maximum efficiency.

While offering the best of both worlds, hybrids are also more complex mechanically than traditional vehicles. Proper servicing ensures all components including high-voltage batteries work harmoniously over the long run. Our technicians have received advanced expertise exclusively on caring for hybrid cars.

What is Hybrid Car Servicing?

Like conventional cars, hybrids need periodic Hybrid Car Services to prevent premature breakdowns and maximize performance. Services include:

Fluid Changes: We utilize long-life coolant, brake fluids and synthetic oils meeting factory specifications. This prevents corrosion and lubricates moving parts.

Battery System Monitoring: Our scanners check individual cell voltages and connections for optimum battery health so it meets or exceeds lifespan.

Air Filter Replacement: Clogged air filters negatively impact engine output. We install OEM quality filters ensuring clean airflow to the combustion chamber.

Tire Rotation: Even treadwear enhances grip, stability and braking. Tire rotations promote longer usable tread life by minimizing uneven wear patterns.

Advantages of Servicing Your Hybrid Regularly

Improves Fuel Mileage: Well maintained hybrid powertrains seamlessly alternate between gas and electric mode for peak efficiency. Neglect leads to reduced MPG.

Averts Costly Repairs: Minor issues caught early through Hybrid Car Services typically require smaller inexpensive parts. Ignoring problems escalates repair bills later on.

Preserves Battery Life: Proper maintenance keeps batteries operating efficiently. This helps them exceed lifespan thereby saving major replacement costs.

Enhances Driving Comfort: Upkeep ensures smooth quiet engine operation free from troublesome vibrations along with optimally performing accessories like AC.

Types of Hybrid Car Services We Offer

To keep your hybrid purring flawlessly for years, we offer:

Factory scheduled maintenance: Using OEM service intervals optimized for your car’s operating conditions. This prevents overlooked maintenance.

Brake system overhaul: From pads and rotors to lines and fluid, we refurbish entire brake system preventing brake fade.

Suspension repairs: We inspect shocks, struts, ball joints and control arm bushings. Worn parts get replaced before causing steering wander.

Check engine light diagnostics: Our scanners read even complex trouble codes. We accurately fix the root issue triggering warning lights.

Air conditioner servicing: Includes disinfecting evaporator core and ventilation ducts along with recharging refrigerant to factory specifications.

Best Hybrid Car Service Package in Dhaka

Our Hybrid Master Service Package is a bumper-to-bumper maintenance extravaganza tailored to your car’s unique service intervals. It includes:

Synthetic oil and filter change

Battery monitoring and cleaning

Tire rotation and wheel balancing

Brake inspection with brake pad replacement

Suspension, steering and driveline inspection

Computerized wheel alignment

Comprehensive safety system check

Air filter and cabin air filter replacement

Fuel system cleaning

57-point inspection with full diagnostic report

Priced at only Tk 16,500, our maintenance package delivers immense value protecting your hybrid for the long run.

Hybrid Car Repair and Maintenance Services

We also expertise in all kinds of major and minor Hybrid Car Repair and Maintenance. Our services include:

Battery Balancing and Restoration: We properly balance and restore battery charge to maximize efficiency

Battery Pack Replacement: We offer battery pack replacement when required

Hybrid Vehicle Service in Dhaka: All types of repair and maintenance services in Dhaka

Why Should You Choose Biswas Automobiles?

Dhaka motorists prefer our garage for all hybrid maintenance needs due to:

Specialized Training: Technician training includes complex hybrid architecture, Hybrid Car Battery Health Checkup and high voltage safety.

Diagnostic Expertise: We utilize industry-leading scanners tailor-made to access hybrid drivetrains of Toyota, Honda and other leading brands.

Attention to Detail: From using OEM fluids to precisely torquing bolts, we meticulously follow factory repair procedures.

One-Stop Shop: All types of periodic Hybrid Car Services minor repairs and major mechanical overhauls are handled under our roof.

Comfortable Lounge: Relax with a hot beverage in our customer lounge with free WiFi while technicians finish service work on your hybrid.


As hybrid cars gain popularity, having a trusted specialist for Hybrid Car Service in Dhaka becomes important. Our experience in servicing complex hybrid systems has made us the experts in hybrid maintenance and repairs. For tailored service, choose Biswas Automobiles.


Do you service all hybrid car brands?

Yes, we service Mercedes, BMW,Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Ford, Hyundai and other hybrid car brands.

What payments do you accept?

We accept cash, credit cards and mobile banking payments.

Do I need an appointment for Hybrid Car Services?

Yes, appointments are recommended to avoid wait times for Hybrid Car Services.

Can I wait when my hybrid is serviced?

Yes, you can relax in our lounge with free WiFi and refreshments.

Do you provide pick up and drop for hybrids?

Yes, we provide complimentary pick up and drop within 10km.

How to learn more about your Hybrid Car Services?

Please call, WhatsApp or visit our website to know more.

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