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Dhaka is home to over 8.9 million registered vehicles, with owners relying on quality car general service in Dhaka to keep their investment running safely and efficiently. At Biswas Automobiles, we have been providing trusted Car General Service in Dhaka for over 15 years to vehicle owners looking for experienced, affordable auto care.

As the best car repair service in Dhaka, we service all makes and models with quality parts and skilled technicians. No matter what type of car or car general service you need, Biswas Automobiles has you covered. Read below to learn more about our Car General Service offerings and why we’re considered the top choice in Dhaka.

Our Car Service & Maintenance Offerings

From routine maintenance to major repairs, our expert technicians have the training and tools to correctly diagnose and fix any issue. Service highlights include:

Oil Changes & Fluid Services: Keep your engine properly lubricated while replacing dirty transmission, brake, and cooling fluids. We use quality branded oils and parts.

Tune-Ups: Improve fuel efficiency and performance by replacing spark plugs, wires, filters, etc. per factory schedules.

Tires: Supply, install, rotate and balance quality tires from brands like Michelin, Bridgestone and more.

Brakes: Ensure safe stops with brake system inspections, pad/shoe replacement, rotor resurfacing, fluid flushes, and more.

Electrical: Charging system, battery, lighting, and electrical issue diagnosis with skilled repair.

Suspension & Alignment: With state-of-the-art equipment, we'll have your wheels properly aligned and worn shocks/struts replaced.

Air Conditioning: Beat the Dhaka heat with A/C performance checks, recharging, compressor repair, and upgraded parts.

Additionally, we offer engine repair and replacement, transmission service, emissions testing, car wash, body repair services, and thorough pre-purchase inspections for used car buyers. As you can see, our car general service has it all!

Why Choose Biswas Automobiles?

When it comes time for car maintenance, repairs, or service - you deserve quality service at fair, honest pricing. Here’s why you can trust the team at Biswas Automobiles for your car general service near me needs:

1. Highly Experienced Technicians: With a combined 70+ years repairing vehicles, our ASE-certified techs have extensive training to accurately diagnose and fix complex auto issues.

2. State-of-the-Art Service Equipment: Over $250,000 invested in scan tools, alignment racks, lifts, and other service gear required for expert-level car care for today's advanced vehicle systems.

3. Affordable Pricing: As a local business, we offer very competitive car general service pricing on parts and service compared to dealers and chain shops, without skimping on quality!

4. Warranties: Parts and services come with a 12-month/20,000km nationwide warranty for peace of mind. Critical safety components have longer coverage.

5. Convenience: With extended hours, shuttle service, rental cars, online scheduling and more, we make timely auto service hassle-free!

The Right Auto Shop for Drivers in Dhaka

Don’t trust your vehicle to just any average mechanic. For car owners expecting exceptional, convenient service across Dhaka, Biswas Automobiles consistently delivers. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Types of Services We Offer

To fully cover the wide range of Car General Service Packages offered to car owners in Dhaka, read on for more details on key maintenance, inspections and repair categories.

Oil Changes

Regular oil and filter changes are vital preventative maintenance for prolonging engine life. Every 5,000-10,000kms, used motor oil loses its lubricating properties - exposing engine components to added friction and wear.

Our oil change services include:

- Drain old oil & replace filter

- Refill with fresh, quality branded motor oil per factory specifications

- Inspect other fluids, filters, engine components

- Evaluate tire pressure and tread life

By following recommended change intervals, our oil service maximizes engine performance while preventing costly repairs down the road.

Brake System Services

We understand that brakes are a critical component that directly impact driver and passenger safety. That’s why our expert technicians thoroughly evaluate brake system operation with each service.

Standard brake system inspection, maintenance and repairs we perform:

- Pad & shoe replacement

- Rotor resurfacing or replacement

- Caliper inspection and rebuilding

- Emergency brake adjustments

- Brake fluid flush & replacement

- Hydraulic line evaluation

- Master cylinder assessment

By proactively servicing your brakes, we’ll have you stopping safely while avoiding damage to rotors and other hardware.

Suspension Services

Does your vehicle bounce excessively over bumps or feel loose when cornering? Worn shock absorbers, struts, ball joints and tie rods reduce vehicle handling - requiring prompt replacement.

Our suspension service expertise includes:

- Shocks & struts replacement

- Suspension components evaluation & rebuilding

- Wheel alignment to factory position

- Adjustable suspension parts replacement

Don’t wait until you have steering wanders or blowouts. By servicing worn suspension components early, you’ll restore factory handling while lowering the chances of needing more repairs later.

Electrical System Diagnosis & Repair

From battery failure to shortened circuits, electrical problems can be difficult to correctly diagnose. Through methodical troubleshooting steps, extensive training, and investment in computerized testing gear - our technicians can efficiently fix electrical gremlins.

Electrical issues we routinely diagnose and repair:

- Battery testing & replacement

- Alternator and starter rebuilding

- Electrical short circuits

- Power window and power locks

- Dashboard warning light diagnosis

- Headlight and taillight failures

Don’t get stranded with a no-start, dead battery, or other electrical fault. Schedule electrical system service to prevent headaches down the road.

Air Conditioning Services

In hot and humid Dhaka, a working AC system is a must during summer months. Beyond driver comfort, air conditioning prevents fogged windows while dehumidifying the cabin to avoid mold and odors.

Our AC service expertise includes:

- Performance testing

- Belt replacement

- Leak testing & refrigerant recharge

- Compressor repair/replacement

- Condenser and evaporator evaluation

- Upgrade to modern R134a systems

By proactively servicing your AC components and refrigerant level, you’ll stay cool in the summer while avoiding costly compressor and part failures.


For over 15 years, Biswas Automobiles has provided motorists across Dhaka with exceptional yet affordable car maintenance and repair. Our team of highly trained technicians have the experience to accurately diagnose issues while quickly getting you back on the road.

Next time your vehicle needs car general servicing, choose our family-owned shop conveniently located in Dhaka. Backed by the latest tech equipment, quality parts, and honest knowledgeable service - we'll keep your car or truck running smoothly for years to come without breaking your budget. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you service all vehicle makes and models?

Yes! As a general repair shop, we are equipped to properly service and repair all domestic and import cars and light trucks. So whether you drive a Toyota, BMW or any other vehicle - we've got you covered.

Do you offer complimentary shuttle service?

Absolutely. We provide complimentary shuttle service within a 5 miles radius so you can carry on with your day hassle-free while your car is being repaired.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash and checks for your convenience. We also work with extended warranty companies and have select financing partners if needed to pay for larger repairs.

Do I need an appointment?

While walk-ins are always welcome, we recommend calling or booking online to schedule an appointment in advance so we can best accommodate your schedule. This also allows us to research service bulletins related to your repair before your arrival.

What warranty coverage comes with service/repairs?

Our exclusive parts and labor warranty protects you nationwide for 12 months or 20,000kms. Critical components have longer coverage, providing peace of mind wherever you drive!

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