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Best Car Ceramic Coating in Dhaka - The Power of Our Advanced Car Ceramic Coating

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Are you looking for Car ceramic coating in Dhaka? Get the best ceramic coating for cars paintwork in Dhaka from leading expert Biswas Automobiles BD. We offer authorized application of ceramic coating car formulas on exterior paint for long term gloss retention. Our ceramic car coating service uses premium brands for multi-year protection against UV damage. Located conveniently as the top player providing car ceramic coating near me, we deliver uniform hydrophobic nano shields enhancing and retaining your car’s showroom shine affordably for years. Contact our ceramic coating specialists today for customizable packages.

Introduction to Car Ceramic Coating in Dhaka

Car ceramic coating technology has become a very popular way to protect a car's exterior bodywork from damage and maintains shiny polished looks durably in Dhaka's high dust and pollution conditions. Advanced nano molecules formulations create an ultra smooth glass-like shield over the painted surface that makes regular washing easier and prevents dulling or fading for years together. Biswas Automobiles BD offers authorized application services for premium ceramic coatings brands with value-packed customizable packages.

Why Choose Biswas Automobiles BD for Car Ceramic Coating?

We are approved applicators for leading global ceramic coatings products like Crystal Shield, Opti-Coat, Nasiol etc. Our well trained and experienced staff is expert in correctly preparing car paint surfaces for bonding, addressing any defects, and then ensuring uniform edge-to-edge coating application without misses, gaps or errors using precision tools and controlled environment. Customers appreciate getting long term durable hydrophobic protection with easier maintenance at budget friendly affordability.

How Car Ceramic Coating Works

Liquid polymer ceramic coatings contain proprietary formulations of silicon dioxide nano molecules suspended uniformly. This glass coating fluid is sprayed evenly over cleaned and polished exterior car body panels under strict professional protocols. Active molecules then undergo cross linking to chemically bond strongly with the painted metal surface forming durable layers upto 9H in hardness once fully cured under high intensity ultraviolet stabilizing lamps. This leaves an ultra smooth and resilient protective ceramic layer upto few microns thickness that protects car paint from external contaminant damages.

Benefits of Car Ceramic Coating in Dhaka

1. Multi-year gloss retention maintaining vivid as-new visual appeal

2. Water drops glide off the ceramic coated surface easily without wetting much area taking dust with them

3. Greatly increased UV damage and oxidation resistance from sun exposure

4. Prevents ugly yellowing, clouding or chalking degradation of factory paint over years

5. Protection from permanent etching damages by bird droppings and tree sap contamination

6. Saves substantial money on frequent chemical based cosmetic car washes and wax expenses over lifetime of car ownership

7 Step Car Ceramic Coating Application and Curing Process

1. Paintwork inspection and machine polishing preparation

2. Wiping vehicle body panels with isopropyl alcohol solution for clinically level degreasing

3. Setting up dust-free positive pressure application environment

4. High volume low pressure fan spray application using multi cross coat layers with 50% overlap

5. LED timer programmed precise UV curing exposure over certain wavelengths spectrum

6. Post application paint thickness gauging and hardness testing for quality assurance

7. Finishing off with compatible paint protection vinyls or wax top coat for added fail-safe

The 7 step application process ensures every square inch gets uniformly nano ceramic coated from edge to edge even around lights, mirrors and metal trims for comprehensive protection.

Extended Lifespan for Your Vehicle's Finish

While quality wax or polymer sealants may last about 4-6 months, advanced ceramic coatings maintain excellent hydrophobic water beading self-cleaning performance as well as rich glossy visual impact for over 2 to 3 years if maintained properly. This effectively protects the original paintwork quality almost 3 times longer compared to traditional options that need reapplication 3-4 times more frequently. One time professional ceramic coating application investment rewards car owners with easier upkeep for years afterwards.

Water Beading Magic: Hydrophobic Properties of Ceramic Coating

The nano technologized ceramic coated exterior surface spontaneously repels water droplets upon contact causing them to bead up tightly and slide off fast without wetting much surface area at all. This unique self-cleaning phenomenon also takes loose environmental dust particles away with the water down the body panels keeping them clearer.

Protection Against Environmental Contaminants

The ultra smooth glass-like ceramic layer nano bonded over original car paint acts as the first line of defense barrier against various environmental damaging exposures like air borne pollution sediments, intense infrared and ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, acidic components of rainwater, destructive etching by bird droppings. Without such shielding coatings, these forces would gradually degrade exposed car paint resulting in corrosion spots, loss of gloss through oxidation and permanent discoloration damages respectively that escalate annual detailing costs. Nano ceramic coats offer resilience.

Customizable Ceramic Coating Packages

We offer standard ceramic coating packages starting from Tk 8000 for compact hatchback sized vehicles with pricing tailored based on car surface area andSegments. Our service agents recommend reputed ceramic coating brands like Crystal Shield, Opti-Coat, Nasiol that come with multi-year performance warranties against defects and give maintenance kits for prolonging hydrophobic effect. Inquire for free quotation as per your car size, budget and application area preference between full body or partial front end.

Customer Satisfaction: Glowing Reviews

Numerous Biswas customers happily endorse that their car looks showroom-new and water washes stays cleaner even after years of exposure to hot tropical sun, humid rains and resin tree secretions thanks to ceramic coating surface protection applied once earlier. Many delighted owners state they saved thousands of takas in repeated wax and exterior detailing costs over ownership years enjoying the durable self-cleaning properties. We feel immense encouragement in clients' smiles knowing our efforts ease their lives.

Schedule Your Car Ceramic Coating Session Today

Dial Biswas Automobiles at +8801742700300 now sharing your car model details. Our in-house coating specialists will schedule free evaluation of paint condition and recommended right nano coating solutions to keep your prized vehicle looking forever sensational throughout ownership while aligning options to your upkeep budget. Act now to avail any new year discount offers before they conclude!

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